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Wider Training Provision

One of the benefits of being part of the SEDTC's consortium is that our students have access to wider training provisions across all of our partner institutions.  In addition to the Advanced Training and required course modules offered, it has been agreed that opening up various training programmes within our Researcher Development Programmes and relevant departments would be an excellent way for our students to utilise their connection to four institutions, rather than merely their host university.  Please see more information on the courses offered at our four partner institutions below. 


Please note that each of the below courses at the University of Kent will cost £30 for non-Kent SEDTC students to attend.  Many of these courses will run more than once, so please visit the page or send an email to the address listed under 'Booking Contact' for more information.  

SchoolTitleBooking Contact
PsychologyMulti-level Modelsgraduateschool@kent.ac.uk
PsychologyEEG Traininggraduateschool@kent.ac.uk
PsychologyHow to get publishedgraduateschool@kent.ac.uk
PsychologyA career beyond Academiagraduateschool@kent.ac.uk
PsychologyMedia Round Tablegraduateschool@kent.ac.uk
LawResearch Methodsc.r.beeching@kent.ac.uk
LawPost Graduate Study Groupc.r.beeching@kent.ac.uk
Graduate SchoolAdvanced Public Speakingskills@kent.ac.uk
Graduate SchoolPrincipled Negotiationskills@kent.ac.uk
Graduate SchoolBasic Matlab Programming Techniquesskills@kent.ac.uk


Information coming soon 


Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway PGR training opportunities



Please note that many of these courses will run more than once.  The courses listed below are representative of what is offered through the University of Surrey's Researcher Development Programme (RDP) and is not exhaustive. Please visit the Researcher Development Programme webpagefor a full list of courses.  All courses through the University of Surrey's RDP are currently free of charge to SEDTC students. 

SchoolTitleBooking Contact
Researcher Development ProgrammeDealing with your Datapg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeEngaging with your Literature: Critical Reading & Thinkingpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeTime & Project Managementpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeA Cultural Perspective on Handling Criticism & Feedbackpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeAdvanced Presentation Skillspg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeAccent Softeningpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeGetting Published Workshop 1: Writing for Publicationpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeParliamentary Impact: Opportunities for Researcherspg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeMock Assessment Centrepg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeInterview Sessionpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeThesis Writing: Structuring, Linking & Signpostingpg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk
Researcher Development ProgrammeCORE Writing Skills Workshop 3: Writing Conciselypg-enquiries@surrey.ac.uk