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Call for proposals: 2016-17 Interdisciplinary Funding Competition

Call for proposals: Interdisciplinary Funding 2016-17

The deadline for this competition has now passed and is closed.

This is relevant for any discipline that has a connection with the Social Sciences.

The South East DTC is now accepting applications for student-led interdisciplinary events. Funding is available for any cross disciplinary / interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary activities that involve SEDTC Researchers such as interdisciplinary seminar series, mini conferences or an exchange scheme (e.g. with other Doctoral Training Functions supported by a Research Council at one of the SEDTC’s institutions). However, as the ESRC is keen for DTC Researchers to come up with new ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration, relevant alternatives to the aforementioned suggestions are invited.  Although we welcome proposals from non-ESRC funded Doctoral Researchers, the activity must involve ESRC students. If your application for interdisciplinary funding is approved, the SEDTC Manager will advertise your activity across the SEDTC partner institutions.

Main Conditions:
• All SEDTC students and institutions must be given the opportunity to take part in the planned activities. This includes the Universities of Kent, Reading, Royal Holloway and Surrey.
• The bulk of funding allotted must be used for ESRC funded students (not only current students but also pre-DTC ESRC funded students and grant/centre linked students funded by the ESRC). However, non-ESRC funded students can also be involved, as it could be conducive to promoting interdisciplinary work.
• Event details must be advertised at least 90 days ahead of the event date
• The event organiser must regularly update the South DTC Manager on any problems or issues with regard to organising the event
• A concise 1-2 page report must be submitted to the SEDTC manager within 4 weeks of the activity taking place.  Photos and/or a video of the event are also welcomed, which would be posted on the SEDTC’s webpage together with an article that can be added to the News section of the SEDTC website.
• It is anticipated that costs may vary considerably, according to the type and scale of the proposed event; therefore we would expect proposals in the range of £500 to £5,000.

How to apply
• Send a 1-2 page proposal with detail on the following:
o What the activity will be and who will be the key organisers
o How it will promote interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary / cross disciplinary activities
o how you will include our partner institutions (Kent, Reading, Royal Holloway and Surrey) in the activity
o How you would promote the event
o Number of attendees expected to attend the event
o A list of ESRC students who have expressed an interest in attending the event
o Possible outcomes as a result of the event
• Include an additional page on the budget giving detail on costs such as: venue hire, travel, catering, administration etc.
• Submit your proposal and any queries to Emma Dewhirst or Christine Espitalier-Noel: studentships@southeastdtc.ac.uk

Applications must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday 24 November for events which will take place between January 2017 and 30th September 2017.