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Overseas Fieldwork

To apply and qualify for Overseas Fieldwork (OFW), you must express an intention to do so in section 16 of your studentship application.  The details listed in your OFW Applicationare expected to coincide with the information listed in your original studentship application, so be sure to give careful thought as to what your travels will require when filling out your student application.

OFW must be an integral part of your your PhD and must take place during your award period.  OFW is entirely different from OIVs (Overseas Institutional Visits), so please identify which is the most suitable option according to the work you plan on conducting.  More information on OIVs can be found on the webpage below this one in the list located on the left. 

As suggested by its title, Overseas Fieldwork must take place overseas, meaning that any area within the United Kingdom will not be deemed eligible for funding. If you are planning on travelling within the UK to conduct research, please contact your Local Administrator about utilising your Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) to cover the costs. OFW is typically associated with vital research that you must conduct in order to complete your PhD.  Events such as seminars, conferences, training, etc... may be funded through other mediums within the SEDTC such as OIV funding and your RTSG mentioned above.   

Please note that the DTC will use the Overseas Fieldwork Allowance Chart to allocate initial costings to applications including overseas fieldwork. Applicants should be aware of this when planning fieldwork.  For more information on OFW, please view both the  South East DTC's Overseas Fieldwork Policy and pages 21 - 23 of the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide.  

SEDTC's Local Administrators: 

Kent:  Ros Beeching  C.R.Beeching@kent.ac.uk

Reading:  Joanna John j.john@reading.ac.uk

Royal Holloway:  Jane Gawthrope esrcdtp@rhul.ac.uk

Surrey: Emma Dewhirst/Christine Espitalier-Noel  e.dewhirst@surrey.ac.uk/c.espitalier-noel@surrey.ac.uk