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Overseas Institutional Visit

 The 2019 Overseas Institutional Visits competition is now open.

Overseas Institutional Visits (OIVs) are intended to provide applicants with the opportunity to establish research networks, to disseminate early research findings, to participate in seminars and other academic activities that are directly relevant to their research, or to undertake specialist research training that is not available within the UK.  

OIV funding cannot be used for overseas fieldwork (OFW) and is an entirely different funding opportunity. The hyper linked documents below contain more information on the specific details concerning OIVs. If you are interested in applying for OFW, then please refer to the Overseas Fieldwork page for more information.

The deadline for all OIV applications is 4pm on Monday 18 March 2019.

The OIV application (Docx) should be filled out according to the OIV guidance notes (Docx) for applicants. Following the completion of your OIV, both you and your supervisor will be required to fill out an end of visit report (Docx) detailing the experience and gained benefit from the OIV. The end of visit report must be completed within two weeks of your return to the UK. Please email studentships@southeastdtc.ac.uk if you would like to see an example of a successful OIV application form.

Please be sure to send your completed OIV application to your local administrator listed below by the deadline (4pm on Monday 18 March 2019).

SEDTC's local administrators