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Apply today for RCUK Internship Scheme

Monday 27 July 2015

The RCUK internship competition is now closed for applications.

The ESRC Student Internship scheme has been incorporated into a new Research Councils UK (RCUK) Policy Internship scheme. This scheme is very similar to the ESRC scheme in that it provides current ESRC funded PhD students with the opportunity to spend up to three months in a non-academic organisation where they can work as part of a team involved with policy or practice development.

The internship scheme significantly contributes to the skills and professional development of PhD students. Benefits include the opportunity to network within the policy arena and develop a range of transferable skills and knowledge such as report writing and time management. Hosts also benefit from the additional resource provided by students and help in the production of briefing papers and contribution to the organisation's policy evidence base.

Students gain an extension to their ESRC award and are able to claim for travel and accommodation costs

ESRC students are eligible to apply to nine hosts, with full details of the project opportunities available here. These include the British Library, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office and Office of National Statistics.

Application forms and further details can be found here.

1. Complete the application form and obtain the signature of your Lead Supervisor.
2. Submit your completed  application form to local admin contact no later than 9:00 on Monday 24 August.  The funding section needs to be signed by your local DTC admin contacts.  If your local DTC admin contact is unavailable or out of the office then please submit your completed application to studentships@southeastdtc.ac.uk no later than 9:00 on Monday 24 August.
3. The supporting letter from the DTC Director together with your completed signed application form  will be emailed to you by the DTC Manager.  The email will also be copied to the local DTC admin contact.
4. You will then need to email the completed application to stag@nerc.ac.uk no later than 16:00 on Friday 28 August 2015  

5. Here is a reminder of your local admin contacts:
Kent :  Jo Addison (graddean@kent.ac.uk).  Please also copy in Ros Beeching C.R.Beeching@kent.ac.uk/ Ann Tull a.e.tull@kent.ac.uk on any correspondence)
Reading: Chris Robson c.robson@reading.ac.uk
Royal Holloway: S: Ben Credland Ben.Credland@rhul.ac.uk and Jane Gawthrope  jane.gawthrope@rhul.ac.uk
Surrey: Emma Dewhirst/Christine Espitalier-Noel studentships@southeastdtc.ac.uk

6. All enquiries and completed applications should be sent to stag@nerc.ac.uk.  

7. Student must submit their completed applications to NERC (Email:  stag@nerc.ac.uk)  no later than 16.00 on 28 August 2015.