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Announcing the Nine Dots Prize – tackling social issues through creative thinking

Monday 7 November 2016

The Nine Dots Prize is a new prize for creative thinking that tackles contemporary societal issues. Its heartland is the social sciences, but it welcomes entrants from all disciplines and cross-discipline thinking. Entrants are challenged to submit 3,000 word responses to a question set by the 12-strong Board – the inaugural question is ‘Are digital technologies making politics impossible’

The Prize is US$100,000, which will support the winner to write a short book expanding on their ideas to be published by Cambridge University Press in a variety of formats, including open access, meaning the book can be downloaded free of charge. It will be judged anonymously. 

Further information on the attached and can be found at www.ninedotsprize.org

Submission deadline = 31 January 2017

Winner annoucement = May 2017: The winner will be anonymously chosen by a Board of 12 internationally recognised and distinguished academics, authors, journalists and thinkers, chaired by Professor Simon Goldhill, director of CRASSH at the University of Cambridge.

Winner's Book Published = May 2018:  Cambridge University Press will provide support and editorial assistance to the Prize winner, whose book will be published by the Press in May 2018. The book will also be made available in an open access format.